ul. Chwaszczyńska 133A, 81-571 Gdynia, Poland +48 58 340 02 60

About us

What we do?

We work with everything that is related to automation. Our speciality is widely understood integration of innovative technologies – beginning with controlling water treatment systems for the purposes of kidney dialysis, and ending with automatic wood drill production lines. We treat every subject we undertake as a challenge – both large, extensive systems and the small, simple ones. We approach both with the same commitment.

How we do it?

We owe our professional approach to every project to the flexible employment scheme we have adopted. The core of the company is a group of highly qualified engineers, for whom learning and implementing state of the art technologies is a passion in life. However, if necessary, we can dynamically extend our team, employing additional personnel, including specialists from various fields of science – the regular employees of the Gdańsk University of Technology.

Our Values

  • Competent and reliable partner
  • Care for the customers
  • Full loyalty and confidentiality
  • Business ethics
  • Transparent collaboration
  • Always highest quality of services
  • Team work and family atmosphere