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Control cabinets

At STESAR, we have been dealing with industrial automation solutions for over 30 years. One of the processes occurring in our company is the construction of control cabinets. So far, we have already built hundreds of control cabinets, electrical cabinets and various types of panels. This process is carried out both in the case of comprehensive control system projects and as an independent service that we provide to our clients.

For independent orders, we also use a kind of complexity, because we:

  • Design (Electrical Engineering)
  • Components purchasing
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Programming
  • Commissioning

We also work on the documentation or the material entrusted to us, and each of the above activities can be carried out individually and independently.

Our experience allows us to work on a very wide range of components from different manufacturers. We adapt to the client's requirements and standards in every respect.

The highest quality, reliability and punctuality are the main values ​​that we follow every day and we offer to our clients.

If you are interested in cooperation, send us an e-mail: stesar@stesar.pl