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Our mission – automation systems – from ideas to completed projects…

  • Complex „turnkey” solutions – from an idea, through a design, the completion of control cabinets and software, through to the launch and maintenance of the system

    In the beginning, there is the idea. This is where our company provides support. Thanks to our vast experience in various branches of industry, we can not only prompt the client to how it should be done, but also what should be done. Then, applying latest CAD systems, we will design the application fast and precisely. This is the stage when additional ideas for facilitating the process come up, and we always share them with our clients. We then implement the design in an equally efficient manner – we perform assembly quick and clean. Our client can be convinced that the final effect will satisfy their expectations, or even surpass them. Of course, our work does not end here – apart from warranty servicing, for the entire life span of the system, we offer post-warranty services and provide assistance with possible future extensions.

  • Extensive experience – nearly 30 years on the market

    Thanks to our extensive experience, we have acquired practical knowledge on automation – the so-called know-how. With more than 400 automation systems commissioned within these 30 years, we have adopted a fast and flexible approach to every system – from the small ones to the large ones. An equally important aspect in automation is the ability to plan and provide efficient logistics. Here, our extensive experience supported by state of the art technologies allows us to satisfy all needs of our clients.

  • High quality of finishing combined with components from renowned suppliers guarantees reliable operation

    All of us are advocates of high-quality finishing – and this is what we demand when selecting products in various spheres of life. We adhere to the same principle in creating our control systems – high level of finishing, precision and “good work” are incredibly important to us. We like to be associated with highest quality. Moreover, we produce our systems using subassemblies and materials supplied by renowned global labels only.

  • High flexibility of solutions applied – adapting standards to the expectations of our clients

    We have recurrently encountered a situation when our clients had displayed certain standards for the execution of control systems – this may concern the “computing platform”, the details of electric cabinets, safety principles, the details of the human-machine interface, etc. Therefore, we consult on all of our designs in detail with the client and ensure complete compliance with his expectations.