Transport systems for the tires

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Efficient, scalable and customized transport systems for the tires

E-mobility and autonomous driving as well as an increasing number of vehicle types require a larger number of tire variants in the automotive industry. Transport systems must therefore be flexible and be able to react quickly to changing market situations.

That is why we make sure that our automated systems are open to future adjustments during development. We integrate the transport system into your internal tires production process using advanced BCR reading and WMS communication.

Comprehensive solutions

Starting from the concept, through project design, hardware integration, software preparation, ending on commissioning at the customer’s site and after-sales support of the system.

Years of experience

Almost 30 years on the market. More than 600 completed projects. Experienced engineering team. Flexibility either in small or big projects.

Highest quality

The high quality of the design in combination with components of only renowned manufacturers guarantees failure-free operation.

Our standards

Complex range of services – from concept to after-sales service and support

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You have a concept or idea of what your automation solution should look like. We are competent to understand your requirements and develop a concept on this basis – which is the basis for subsequent design.

At the concept development stage, the following steps are implemented:

Development of an automated system concept taking into account your requirements
Analysis of various solutions
Simulation and visualization of your process
Choosing a comprehensive solution including mechanics and control system, taking into account your budget
Preparation of implementation schedule.

Engineer man working in the office, Drawing the construction project.

Based on the developed concept, our engineering department using the latest CAD technologies develops a complete automation system including all production drawings and electrical diagrams. We jointly select the appropriate types of conveyors, drives and lifting solutions, and develop a system taking into account physical and mechanical laws. This also includes structural design, static calculations and risk analysis for system safety. The result is a system solution with the best possible degree of automation. 

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During the design process, we take care to select and integrate systems and components that can easily react to future changes without having to redesign the entire system. This thought plays an important role in creating electrical drawings, designing control cabinets, programming PLCs and HMI / SCADA visualization systems. The same applies to the expansion and implementation of MFC (material flow control) or WCS (warehouse control system) and communication with WMS (warehouse management system). For the customer, this means that the system can be expanded at any time without much effort.


We are integrating all production processes on our own. This means we can handle all processes from CAD drawing to the finished system. You as a customer benefit from maximum flexibility and fast response times.

In details, this means selecting suppliers of the mechanical parts and components. Control cabinets are prefabricated in-house. We comprehensively assemble the entire system on site.


We assist our clients from the first meeting, through project implementation, to successful integration and commissioning of the system. All components are subjected to comprehensive functional tests (initial commissioning) and electrical simulation tests under real conditions at our plant. In this way, we can guarantee the customer first-class functionality from the very first minute of operation.

The commissioning process is carried out as follows:

Check the system for mechanical or electrical faults.
Testing of object signals.
Software testing and optimization in order to achieve the assumed functionality.
Individual system components check,
Whole system verification, performance tests etc.


It is not enough for the system to run perfectly when it is commissioned. Your operating personnel must be familiar with the system and know what to look out for to ensure failure-free operation. Therefore, our service includes comprehensive training for the operating personnel as well as the maintenance technicians of the end customer.

Technical Support Service Business concept. Businessman using virtual touchscreen presses gear wrench (repair) button.

Every downtime costs time and money and damages to your business. Therefore, our highly specialized and competent service team is available at any time to react immediately in case of a system failure.
Via our helpdesk service in four languages (German, English, French, Polish) you have non-stop, direct access to the technical support department.
In addition, we have a remote access to your system and we can make minor adjustments to the control program via remote diagnosis.
Our service also includes support for the modernisation (retrofit) of existing systems.


A new intralogistics solution is not always necessary. Sometimes it makes more sense to supplement the existing system with new modules, to modernize it in order to fully exploit the potential of the existing system. This can also be a very interesting option from an economic point of view compared to a completely new system in order to extend the life of your investment. Our experienced developers will be happy to advise you and show you possibilities of how to bring your existing plant up to the latest state of the art with retrofit measures. 

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